Born in Russia 13.09.1967 I have learnt a lot from the world of theatre. Since my earliest childhood I had a veritable passion for the designed stage. The close connection between theatre and interior design is part of who I am. I studied arts in College; in my time in Spain I joined Rudolf Dubary's furniture company. I moved to Athens, Greece and in 1998 studied in the 'Vacalo' school of Art and Design. A few years later, I created a design studio and presented my collection of furniture, lamps, and clothes. I divide my time between Spain, Greece, Russia, India and Denmark. I am very attached to oriental culture; I fell in love with fabric from India. I love to combine bright colours and mix with the basic white. My favourite materials for decoration are crystal transparent furniture, Venetian mirrors, murano chandelier, wood and mosaic. I try to surround a house with this kind of beauty. In a house you can see a colour sofa, cushions, pillows, caf´┐Ż tables and a library design by me. I like to make things my own, like for example repaint existing furniture. It is important in interior decoration to pay attention to details, proportions, materials and styles, as all these produce a harmonious effect, which is both striking and reassuring. Roxana Zouber.